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Can genetics settle the Marmite debate?

Patrick Short Published on 2017-09-09

Just to get a disclosure out of the way, I think Marmite is really gross.

Most people (if they live in the United Kingdom) have tried Marmite and have a strong op...

Our first 'SNP of the day' has been associated with pain tolerance!

Patrick Short Published on 2017-09-10

What is a SNP?

If you already know what a SNP is, feel free to skip ahead!

SNP (pronounced 'snip') stands for 'single-nucleotide ...

Why are there no real life superheroes?

Patrick Short Published on 2017-08-19

The X-men, humans who are born with genetic mutations that give them superhuman abilities, have captured the imagination of millions of people. Why are there no real life X-men? There are...

Genetics 101

Patrick Short Published on 2017-08-19

The recipe book for life

Every living organism, from the simplest bacteria to the emotional sack of cells we call humans, carries an instruction manual in every c...

Forever young?

Patrick Short Published on 2017-08-16

What is the 'secret' to healthy aging?

The 'secret' to long-life can take many forms. Royal jelly and bee pollen, scraped from the bottom of the honeycomb is beli...

Introduction to Personal Genomics

Patrick Short Published on 2017-07-01

What is a personal genome?

The field of 'personal genomics' is dedicated to analyzing and interpreting the genome of a single individual. This interpretat...